Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pizza Dough

I love pizza. I especially love the old-school home made spaghetti and cheese pizzas. You know... the ones that Mum used to make when you were a kid.
I occasionally make home made pizza for my family, but I've never really like the scone dough type base that I normally use. So tonight I thought I would try to make a proper pizza base - using yeast (a product that has always scared me!).
Here is the result:
Yummy much?

The toppings included spaghetti, onion, ham, sausage, corn, herbs, pineapple, tomato and cheese. I quite liked the yeast product that I used. It comes in boxes of 12 handy sachets, so no measuring required.

The recipe I used was found here. I found the recipe a bit complicated to follow, but once I sorted out which parts were important, it was pretty easy.

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  1. The home made pizza is the best , i make it when its a rainy day love it ,


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